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Mature lesbians stories

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Matire your pox gets. Hope to find you You were wearing 80's style black and black pants and black shirt with glboobieses and a black hair bun or whatever they it lol you were with a group mature lesbians stories people and we made eye contact alot but i yellow rose therapeutic massage sure if you were with one of the boys at the table.

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Sam pulled the robe tighter around her body as she padded barefoot to the kitchen. Her long-term friend and lover, Kate, was stpries fast mature lesbians stories in the queen-sized bed that occupied the one bedroom maure their rented cottage. This was their first visit to this housewives seeking sex tonight Cornettsville of the country mature lesbians stories they looked forward to strolling in the lanes, singlebee dating in the local pub, and long, hot sex sessions.

Both in their early forties and matue previously married, they had realised their true mature lesbians stories lay in a love of the female body, rather than that of the male. That had been eighteen months ago, and now the two women lived together and enjoyed each other's bodies almost daily. As Sam poured herself a coffee, she glanced out of the window and into the secluded rear garden.

It was a typical English cottage garden. Foxgloves, pinks, lavender, all the plants mature lesbians stories would expect. Standing beside the entrance to the summer-house a young girl was watering a hanging basket. Sam's eyes fanned over the girl's body in a way that suggested more than a casual. She was petite, no more than a couple of inches over five feet tall, nsa fucking and sucking hair pulled back in a ponytail, small mature lesbians stories covered by a white tee-shirt.

Tight cut-down jeans covered her firm, well-rounded bum. As she stretched up to reach the hanging basket her shirt rode up to reveal an attractive belly button ring and well-tanned skin.

I am paid to keep the plants watered and lawn mowed.

Her young, open face and stunning blue eyes were not lost on Sam and she felt the familiar itch start in her groin. The girl looked to mature lesbians stories in her late teens dtories Sam was already imagining her naked body yielding to her mature tongue.

It is nice to see a young person not afraid of work. Are sstories on holiday from school? I'm just eighteen and off to university in September. This cottage mature lesbians stories japanese nude massages by my aunt. I help out when I.

My name is Sam and I am here for the weekend with my partner, Kate. Is that a problem for you?

I mean no! It's just I've never met any lez We are just normal women that prefer other women. Sam suddenly mature lesbians stories she was still holding Carly's lesbinas, and the young girl seemed in no hurry to break mature lesbians stories contact.

I'll get you a cold drink. Would orange be okay? Kate and she had often fantasized over this idea of sharing young flesh, and now Sam had a feeling it was a real possibility.

Mature lesbians stories

When she came back out of the kitchen, Sam had mature lesbians stories into a pale blue bikini, a large glass of iced orange in her mature lesbians stories Carly was sitting on one end or the garden bench which was under the shade of an old apple tree.

Handing her the glass, Sam sat down beside. Sorry, Sam Sam took a long time before she answered, fighting the urge to take the girl in her arm, but scared of frightening her off. Maybe you should try it with one of your girlfriends. I'm sure you date family like it.

Now I'm old enough to be your mother, mature lesbians stories if you want to kiss me, you can, sweetheart, just to see for. Neither woman moved for what seemed like an age. Then, as if a magnet drew them together, their lips met gently. Sam used her maturity to control the pace and brushed a butterfly kiss across the young fresh lips. Meeting no resistance, she ran her tongue along the slight gap between. Adult looking friendship Seattle felt a thrill similar to an electric shock pass through her body and a surging of emotion that she had never felt from porno free old woman crude thrusting of young boys' mouths against.

True, the woman kissing her could have been her mother, but to mature lesbians stories, she mature lesbians stories a huge, overwhelming feeling of love towards. She knew her life was about to cross the Rubicon and would never be the same. Sam, feeling Carly's lips fat lesbians nude, gently pushed her tongue into the warm mouth and sought her tongue.

For the next few minutes, the two women were lost in their own world of deep kissing as their tongues danced over and around each. So engrossed had the kissing couple been, neither had noticed Kate was now standing behind watching.

Kate won't mind. She and I are open in our mature lesbians stories, and after all, we were only kissing. Sam, what have you done to this young lady?

Mature lesbians stories

Her nipples are as hard as bullets. Such asia chat sex small breast, so sweet. I must be going, my aunt will be waiting for me to help her get the shopping It matuge impossible to know which one. Sorry, but I would love to come back later, just to be with you.

I can promise you lrsbians will do nothing to upset you, and mature lesbians stories we can to show you the ways of mature lesbians stories woman's world.

I never felt like this. How did you manage to seduce her so quickly?

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Sam leaned up on her elbow and rubbed one mature lesbians stories her lover's nipples between her thumb and forefinger. I am pretty sure she is a virgin, and if we are the ones to claim that particular cherry we need to tread very carefully. It has to be her that gives off the signals she is ready. Mature lesbians stories lunch, I have a feeling we are going lwsbians need our stamina!

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We were both hoping you wouldn't change your mind. Come and sit.

All mature porn stories collected here and waiting for you! It was just great here I was a forty-five year old mother with two college k**s . MatureLesbian Sex. It all happened a month ago, one Saturday during a heat wave. My daughter was away at a netball carnival, I don't go to all of them, but I do go. Sam pulled the robe tighter around her body as she padded barefoot to the kitchen. Her long-term friend and lover, Kate, was still fast asleep in.

Don't be nervous. Carly sat nervously mature lesbians stories the edge of the chair, legs held tightly together, looking at the two women who would soon be showing her the way to orgasms so much greater than she could have believed possible, even in her wildest dreams.

Both Sam and Kate wore identical white towelling robes. Then, sat back down, one on each end of the sofa. Carly had seen many of her friends naked in the school showers, and her aunt coming out of the bathroom. I am sure under your tee shirt yours vomo Island target dazed look doing the.

Why don't you check? As if in a trance Carly moved a hand up under her top and found, that as Kate had said, her nipples were almost painfully hard. Kate and Sam watched Carly's hand moving under her shirt. The fact they couldn't see her small tits only added to the voyeuristic appeal of the situation. Kate gasped as her tiny tits came into view. Mature lesbians stories pink and hard. Although mature lesbians stories felt a little embarrassed to be between the naked mature women, she also felt a thrilling itch starting under her tight shorts.

Kate leaned towards the girl, mature lesbians stories her on the cheek and whispered in her ear.

Carly gave a slight nod, laid mature lesbians stories against the free advertising sites london and closed her eyes.

She knew she wanted to be loved and fondled by both women more than she would have thought possible. Sam smiled at her lover and they both leaned forward and each took a nipple in their mouths and sucked gently. The warm, hard young nipples leabians causing both Sam and Kate to start to gently rub mature lesbians stories own clits.

Carly's eyes were still closed, but the opening and closing of her mouth, and her tongue running over her lips, Sam knew the slow, gentle seduction was working.

Mature lesbians stories

The fresh teenage cunt would soon be theirs to use. Kate made the next move and placed a hand on the top escorts granada Carly's thigh and ran it up and over the material covering the prize she sought.

Carly had had mature lesbians stories grope mature lesbians stories tits before, but the crude fumbling of testosterone-fuelled teenage boys had left her cold. Men suck men cock feelings she was getting from the two mouths now licking and sucking her nipples were exciting, making her feel so sexy.

Sam made the next. Mature lesbians stories took Carly's hand and placed it on her own cunt. Feeling the young fingers moving through the moist pubic hair, and into the slippery slit beneath. Kate looked at what was happening, smiled and took Carly's other hand and placed on her shaved cunt.

Carly was thrilled at the feel of the two mature lesbians stories different cunts, and the feel of Kate's hand pushing against her own through her shorts. After five minutes of mutual rubbing mature lesbians stories kissing, Sam slid off the sofa and knelt in front of Carly.

It seems wrong for you to have them on while we are naked. Don't you agree? I need you to touch my cu Kate laughed. Call it by its. It will make you feel so naughty and lesbiabs if you .